The best ideas start with a basic need, timing and an underserved market. This is the origin of OUTPOST KITCHEN.

Both Jay and Elizabeth Lewis grew up in their own Newport Beach, but on separate sides of the world – Jay in Australia, Elizabeth in California. Eventually, they decided to set down their roots in Newport Beach, CA.

Jay and Elizabeth knew that Newport and the surrounding neighborhoods were far more than beachside communities. Instead, they saw an enclave for artists, designers, fashion aficionados, carpenters, surfboard shapers and most importantly families. Despite all these eclectic characters in one place, it was clear they had a want for the same thing: great food, great coffee and an atmosphere to match.

Taking inspiration from the 1970s beach cafes of Australia and the craft-first coffee houses of Venice Beach, OUTPOST KITCHEN seeks to recreate the familiar feeling of a neighborhood meeting spot and the go-to place for a feed after an incredible session. It’s a place where you don’t have to worry about the quality of your food and you’ll always feel at home.


OUTPOST KITCHEN works with local farms, butchers, bakers and coffee roasters to ensure what you’re putting in your mouth comes from a place of passion and good intention.

We wholeheartedly believe in knowing the life story of the food that we put on our plates and that you put in your body. Our carefully curated menu honors locally sourced, seasonal, organic, non-GMO, fresh produce without compromising on taste, aesthetics or charm.

 Jay and Elizabeth’s passion for living extends well beyond themselves and into the community by creating a relaxed, memorable experience. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch or lunch, OUTPOST has something for everyone. From your classic brekkie to delicious poached eggs, to fresh salads, sandwiches, in-house baked goods, incredible coffee and freshly made juice.

For us, it’s not about being the trendiest spot on the block. It’s about providing the best quality and taste for every customer, and nurturing the palette of generations to come.

With that said, kick off your shoes, ditch your pretentions, and pull up a stool. Welcome to OUTPOST KITCHEN.